Mission statement of the Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR

We organize film events of the highest quality that enthusiastically convey stories, knowledge, and inspiration. The International Ocean Film Tour's film program includes sporting highlights, topical features on ocean conservation and activism, and extraordinary adventures on, in, and under the water.

The International Ocean Film Tour reaches a broad audience connected by a shared interest in the vitality of our oceans. It provides a platform for individuals and organizations actively working to preserve our planet.

Each new volume aims to reach as many people as possible with ambitious, future-oriented entertainment and to provide new ideas and enduring inspiration.

Our passion for outstanding documentary content and our love for the ocean and desire to actively contribute to its protection provide us with consistent and determined motivation.



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OCEAN LOVERS education

The educational platform for everyone who loves the sea - with the best films on marine conservation!
The platform is aimed at teachers, lecturers, associations and environmental and educational projects.



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