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Andy Irons - Kissed by God

The life of Andy Irons reads like the surfer’s version of the American dream. Growing up in a struggling working class family in Hawaii, his talent for riding waves was discovered early on, and it catapulted him into an unprecedented career in surfing. In KISSED BY GOD, we meet one of surfing’s all-time greats, a man who would change the sport forever but never managed to escape his own worst enemy in life and on the board—himself.

In the 1990s, Andy Irons and his brother Bruce quickly gained a reputation as young guns in the sport, firing up Hawaii’s scene and surfing as hard as they partied. While his contemporary and rival Kelly Slater is known for his composed focus, Andy Irons made a name for himself as the enfant terrible on and off the board. Both his talent and his temper remained unchecked, but what appeared to be a surfing star’s eccentricities was actually bipolar disorder, so severe that it sent Irons on a roller coaster of soaring athletic feats to the darkest depths of depression. KISSED BY GOD is not just a riveting surf portrait; it's also the heartrending story of a beloved athlete, one who pushed the limits of his sport and transcended the boundaries of his condition against all odds up and until his untimely death.
"Andy Irons - Kissed by God" will alternate with "Trouble: The Lisa Andersen Story" at selected locations.

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