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What drives ElasmOcean

Ask ElasmOcean members what their favorite animal is and the answer is likely to be ‘shark’. We are species conservationists, but above all, we are shark preservationists and experts. This is represented in our name; sharks and rays belong to a subclass of cartilaginous fish that have gills—namely, elasmobranchii. The sea is the sharks’ home, and their fate is inextricably connected to that of all other underwater dwellers. We humans have a responsibility to all marine life and their habitats that we must fulfill. Ultimately, we are also saving ourselves.

 Here's what ElasmOcean has going in 2023

We are currently focusing on several projects. First, we want to use VR goggles to teach schoolchildren in Germany and Mozambique about the ocean. This allows students to participate in a simulated dive that feels quite real. The idea is to create a love and connection to the ocean that only a personal experience can provide. In general, educating the next generation is very important to us, but it is our political work that will determine our engagement activities. In 2023, we are planning another outreach in Vigo, Europe's largest shark site.

How you become active with ElasmOcean

Apply to work with us. We work purely on a voluntary basis. Our members are trained at no cost to them and integrated into the respective teams.

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