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What drives OceanCare

We land dwellers share the earth with countless marine creatures—from the miniscule to the world's largest. Algae in the oceans produce the same amount of oxygen as plants on land with photosynthesis. Our oceans are therefore not only the water reservoir of the entire planet, but also the second largest oxygen contributor. OceanCare has been working to protect the oceans and their inhabitants since 1989.

What OceanCare has going in 2023

In addition to the Save Moby project for the protection of sperm whales in the eastern Mediterranean, we are also campaigning against noise pollution, which is a major burden on life underwater. In addition, we are committed to finding a solution to the global plastic problem—worldwide and in Switzerland. The country’s ‘clean image’ is deceptive; with around 127 kilograms of plastic per capita per year, Switzerland consumes more plastic than almost any other European country. Plastic waste from Switzerland enters the sea via lakes and rivers. This must change! Please sign the petition and share it with your friends. Every vote counts, whether you live in Switzerland or not.

How you can get active with OceanCare

Join our cleanups, become a member, and/or adopt a marine animal.   |    @oceancare_icare   |    @OceanCare

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