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PADI AWARE Foundation

What drives the PADI AWARE Foundation

We drive toward our collective vision to achieve balance between humanity and the ocean. To do this, we focus on local action for global marine conservation and advance our mission through citizen science projects, public policy work, and community grants. Together with PADI, we have built a unique voice for underwater conservation. We have set ambitious ocean preservation goals through a blueprint for ocean action, which commits to activities that address climate change, create marine protected areas, and protect endangered species. 

What's on the horizon for the PADI AWARE Foundation 2023

We continue to work on expanding protected marine areas through the Adopt the Blue program, campaigns in various countries, and protecting endangered marine species through project funding of community grants and political influence. In addition, we work to restore coral reef habitats.

How you get involved with the PADI AWARE Foundation

Visit your local PADI dive center and ask about AWARE courses or join and become a PADI Torchbearer.

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