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The protection and restoration of marine ecosystems is essential to maintain vital ecosystem functions while ensuring social and economic opportunities. Oceans play a significant role in the global carbon cycle. By storing and circulating 90% of the world's emitted CO2, oceans represent the most important carbon sink (a carbon sink accumulates and stores carbon-containing chemical compounds). Healthy oceans thus fulfill an irreplaceable role in carbon containment and global climate regulation. The focus on blue carbon ecosystems (mangroves, tidal and salt marshes, and seagrasses) also presents enormous potential for stabilizing ecosystem functions and biodiversity hotspots.

 What SALZWASSER e.V. has going in 2023

This year, SALZWASSER e.V.'s work will focus on expanding project funding in the blue carbon focus areas and environmental education in the form of adventure camps, project days, and workshops. At the same time, events such as exhibitions and panel discussions will be used to effectively raise public awareness of sustainable development goals.

How you become active with SALZWASSER e.V.

You can get involved in a wide range of activities—public relations, event planning and execution, environmental education, graphic design, financing, project research, and collaboration with partner organizations. Your engagement is possible throughout Germany and remotely.



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