Yvan Bourgnon

Yvan Bourgnon

Adventurer & Skipper

“Quitting is not an option!”

Yvan Bourgnon's love affair with the sea dates from his earliest childhood. At the age of 8, he went around the world with his parents for four years and decided a few years later to live his passion: navigation. He is passionate about multihulls, and travels the oceans for nearly 17 years on 60-foot ORMA multihulls.

In the film "The Ocean Rider – En Équilibre sur l’océan" (Volume 5) Yvan sails around the world in 220 days: No protection against the elements, no crew and 55,000 kilometers of open water ahead. On his journey Bourgnon faces storms, pirates and not least the pollution of the oceans.

The visitors of the International Ocean Film Tour rewarded his extreme adventure with the Audience Award.

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